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A New Level of
Radiance has
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Honey Brightening Cleanser is designed to illuminate the skin, tackle hyperpigmentation, fortify the skin barrier, and boost cellular turnover. Instilled with mandelic and lactic acid, it delicately exfoliates, offering antibacterial, hydrating, and brightening advantages.

Harnessing the power of Black BeeOme™ and Arizona mesquite honey, it works to replenish the skin’s microflora and reinforce the skin barrier. This luxurious cleanser effectively addresses various skin concerns without depleting essential moisture, promoting clarity, and enhancing overall skin tone.

For normal, dry, combo skin

Mandelic Brightening Serum lifts pigmentation, exfoliates, and helps to reduce the appearance of pores.

This dynamic serum contains BioFense and Dendriclear™ to support the microbiome of the skin, to reduce sensitivity, and enhance barrier function. Niacinamide provides anti-inflammatory support as well as increases cellular energy. Azeloglicina® normalizes sebum and brightens the skin for a more balanced complexion

For all skin types

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“Skin Script’s product development team determined there was an opportunity to provide an exceptional acid cleanser for hyperpigmentation that would support our current cleanser line.
Mandelic and lactic acid were selected on their ability to offer antibacterial and brightening benefits. This consideration curated a desire for an exfoliating serum that integrated niacinamide to improve barrier function and assist with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne.”

Tina Buckley, Lead Educator and Product Development Specialist
for Skin Script Skin Care.