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Our Story

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Skin Script Skin Care was created by aestheticians, for aestheticians. Our mission is to provide great products and education, so our aestheticians prosper and succeed.

Our 3 pillars are amazing professional products, award winning customer service that is friendly and fast, as well as quality education at an approachable price. To assist in furthering your success, Skin Script has no minimum spending requirements.

Being dedicated to beautiful skin, Skin Script provides the promise of healthy, vitalized, and youthful-looking skin. We have developed fruit-based masks, enzymes, peels, and retail products that are corrective and effective. You will find the products ideal for treating all skin types and Fitzpatricks.

New products and offerings, shaped significantly by the invaluable feedback from our aestheticians, are crafted with intention. Our commitment to maintaining the highest quality formulas remains unchanged, with a continued focus on surpassing FDA regulations, adhering to global regulatory standards, and preparing for MOCRA compliance. We conduct comprehensive regulatory ingredient reviews in collaboration with our manufacturing partner, resulting in more detailed ingredient listings on our product labels. We are proud to announce our ongoing efforts to eliminate all dyes from our products, irrespective of their FDA determination of safety for cosmetic use.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our team members literally have skin in the game! Our success is due to our inspired and invested team that is committed to shared values and customer first focus. Skin Script has been dedicated to empowering aestheticians since 2007 and welcomes you to join us in your professional journey!

Our Founder

Lisa VanBockern, the founder of Skin Script Skin Care, discovered her passion for skin care after several years in conventional corporate positions or lifestyles. At the age of 40, she became an aesthetician and started working in a medical spa. Her enthusiasm for skin and its possible changes sparked not only interest, but a lifetime of passion devoted to learning more about the interactions among skin and ingredients, hormones, and nutrition. For Lisa, it went beyond the skin – it was the personal touch of meeting each new client and learning about them and their habits that affected the skin.

A personal touch and dedication to education helped make her business what it is today. Lisa struggled with companies that wanted to sell the line rather than allow her to cherry-pick her favorites. In 2006, she called a chemist and spent the next year designing Skin Script. After a successful launch, she started marketing efforts to licensed aestheticians, spas, and salons. Building relationships and understanding what creates success for the aesthetician worked.

Our Team

With a combined knowledge and experience of over 40 years, the team at Skin Script is designed with you in mind. Our Customer Service, Education, and Operations Teams are dedicated to amplifying your success. Please contact us anytime!