December 2023 / Toni Galloway with Skin Supreme Spa

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I am Toni Galloway, the CEO of Skin Supreme Spa. I am a Dual Licensed Master Aesthetician and Licensed Aesthetics Instructor, Skin Script Education Ambassador, Certified Corrective Skin Care Specialist and a Procell Therapy Rep. I am an avid traveler and always looking for the next destination. My favorite motto is “Beautiful skin doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a journey.”

I’m a 2017 graduate from Kenneth Shuler School of aesti of the month Toni Gallaway blog headshotCosmetology in Rock Hill SC. I returned back in 2020 to complete the 750-hour program. I currently live in Charlotte NC. I work alongside 3 wonderful employees with hopes of more growth in 2024. I am working towards my own advanced school of aesthetics…coming soon!

I have over 20 years in the beauty industry starting with cosmetic enhancements, which was my first love. Previously, I worked in healthcare for 17 years, which gave me a leading edge on understanding the body and how products work within the body.

I take pride in taking care of multicultural skin using advanced practices and rejuvenating skin after long-term effects of neglect. I enjoy giving people back their confidence, while educating them on how to properly take care of their skin. I have always had a love for skin. As a child, I would admire the way my mother put on make-up and that she did her skin care routine daily. My love of beauty transitioned into this beautiful career.

Favorite Products:
  • Ageless Hydrating Serum: This stuff is amazing. My skin and my clients skin LOVE the results.
  • Pomegranate Enzyme: It clears up acne so fast as well as reduces oiliness and irregular pigmentations.
  • Strawberry Spearmint Mask: I love the smell of the mask. This clay base mask never dries out which leaves the skin very hydrated.
  • Golden Honey Nourishing Mask: This one is my go-to especially for massaging. My favorite out of all the professional products.
  • Green Tea Citrus Cleanser: This cleanser never leaves your skin over stripped. My clients love it.
  • Cucumber Hydration Toner: This toner re-hydrates your skin so well and supports the acid mantle

How has Skin Script helped your business?
When I started my business, I knew Skin Script would be the first choice for my clients for retail. Implementing Skin Script into my business has been a transformative experience that has unequivocally elevated the quality of service we provide and the overall success of our establishment. The meticulously crafted formulations of Skin Script products have proven to be a game-changer. The products deliver exceptional results aesti of the month Toni Galloway blog image 2for our clients and garner raving reviews that have significantly enhanced our reputation in the industry.

The comprehensive range of Skin Script offerings has allowed us to tailor our skincare treatments to effectively address a myriad of skin concerns. Our clients have not only experienced visible improvements in their skin health but have expressed heightened satisfaction resulting in increased customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Furthermore, the professional support and educational resources provided by Skin Script empower our team to stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements. This continuous learning has not only enhanced our expertise but has instilled a sense of confidence and pride among our staff.

In terms of business growth, the introduction of Skin Script products has translated into a notable increase in revenue. The superior quality and efficacy of these products have encouraged repeat business and the positive testimonials from satisfied clients have attracted new customers. This positive feedback loop has contributed to a measurable uptick in our bottom line, affirming that the decision to incorporate Skin Script into our business was indeed a strategic and profitable move.

My number one reason why I love Skin Script is because it works on all Fitzpatrick types. The company has one of the best educational platforms and support staff that I have ever encountered. My clients love the price point, which keeps them coming back to buy more.

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