Eucalyptus & Golden Honey Facial/Whipped Elderberry Facial

Aesti Besties Stormy and Kari are joined by special guests DeNesha, DeDe, Erika, and Elle from our Customer Service Team. A team that facials together stays together! Let’s hear from our in-house Pros on what makes these seasonal enzymes and masks special.

Eucalyptus & Golden Honey Facial

A sensory escape that will bestow that well-rested glow. The Eucalyptus Enzyme contains Gatuline® Renew, Telangyn™, PhytoCellTec™ Symphytum, and X-pressin™ to increase cell renewal, improve barrier function, and reduce redness leaving the skin exfoliated and soft. The enzyme contains holistic antioxidants that energize the skin, boost the autophagic system, and provide potent cell renewal. Embrace the skin with humectant-rich Golden Honey Nourishing Mask with Royal Epigen P5, Sea Buckhorn Fruit Extract, Honey, Honey extract, and Panthenol. This exceptional emollient and lubricating mask provides healing, protection, and skin renewal.

Whipped Elderberry Facial

Elderberry is acclaimed for its antioxidant, restoring, and immune-boosting factors. We doubled down on its magic to ensure healing and revitalization for your clients. Elderberry Enzyme exfoliates with glycolic acid and brightens with the power duo of alpha-arbutin and kojic acid. Echinacea Stems GX offers a unique revitalization of dull skin through collagen stimulation and moisturizing activity. Elderberry Whipped Mask is a light and airy consistency that is packed with peptides. Fensebiome™, a key peptide to assist the skin’s microbiome, and Thymulen™, a peptide that stimulates the skin’s immune system. Lipochroman-6 a stable antioxidant to protect the skin from several species of free radicals, provides renewal.