November 2023/ Angela Hellcat

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I’m Angela Evangelista, I go by Angela Hellcat. I embarked on my journey as an aesthetician in 2019, earning my stripes at Aveda in Tampa, Florida. Right from the get-go, I chose the path of independence, diving into my solo practice just a month after graduating, and I’ve been thriving in my own space ever since.

My approach to skincare goes beyond the surface – I fuse my expertise with spirituality and holistic healing, infusing a touch of magic, or as I affectionately call it, my “witchy woo,” into myAesti of the Month Angela Hellcast headshot services. Drawing inspiration from Aveda’s “energy/chakra healing” techniques, my methods are as unique and diverse as my clientele, which includes performance artists, bartenders, sex workers, and everyone in between. My background in fire eating, the club scene, and performance art infuses a sense of versatility into my practice. I take immense pride in embracing every individual with utmost respect and care, fostering a safe haven where my clients, particularly those from the LGBTQIA+ community, can openly discuss their skincare concerns without fear of judgment.

Currently, I’m on an exciting educational journey pursuing my Psychology degree, with plans to integrate my newfound knowledge into my services in the future. Skin Script was my first and only choice after school, and the brand has exceeded my expectations. The word-of-mouth praise about Skin Script led me to their doorstep, and I’ve never looked back. The brand’s seasonal duos add an element of anticipation for my clients, making each visit a delightful experience. Moreover, Skin Script’s lack of order minimums allowed me to effortlessly supply my clients with top-notch homecare retail, ensuring they maintain their radiant glow between visits.

Favorite Products:
I have a few go-to retail products that have become absolute game-changers for my clients.

Citrus-C Nourishing Cream:
Absolute game-changer & pure GOLD!

Glycolic and Retinol Pads:
Top Pick and pair so well with the Citrus-C Nourishing Cream!

For Professional I swear by….
Lemon Zest Enzyme:
A savior for my dry and mature-skinned clients.

Pumpkin Orange Enzyme:
Works like magic for those dealing with acne.

Goji Berry Yogurt Mask:
Hands down my favorite; it’s incredibly versatile and suits almost every skin type, always leaving the skin looking radiant and refreshed.

aesti of the month angela hellcast in her treatment room.Golden Honey Nourishing Mask:
It’s pure perfection. Not only does it function as an excellent massage medium, but it also leaves my clients with a glowing complexion and a delightful aroma. I especially love pairing it with Dermaplane; the results are simply fantastic!

How has Skin Script helped your business?
What truly sets Skin Script apart, aside from its incredible products, is their commitment to education. The continuous learning opportunities provided by Skin Script have deepened my understanding of their products and protocols, enriching my knowledge beyond what traditional schooling offered. This invaluable knowledge has not only boosted my confidence as an aesthetician but also fills me with immense pride to be associated with a brand that is crafted and curated by real skincare professionals.

In essence, Skin Script has been the cornerstone of my success, propelling my business from the ground up. The brand’s ethos aligns seamlessly with my values, allowing me to offer unparalleled skincare experiences to my cherished clients. I am a testament to the transformative power of Skin Script and am thrilled to continue my journey with this exceptional brand, confident in my abilities and inspired by the real professionals behind it.

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