Ocean Mist and Mango Tango Facials

Join Aesti Besties Stormy and Kari as they dive into our May Facial Duos- Mango Tango and Ocean Mist.

Mango Tango Facial This fruit melange is a formulation of nourishing goji berries and delicious mangos, passionfruit, bananas, and lemons. The Mango Enzyme features mango, passionfruit, banana, and lemon which provide antioxidant, healing, and toning elements. Boosted with 5% glycolic acid and .25% mandelic acid for additional exfoliation and brightening. Paired with Goji Berry Mask and it becomes the perfect anti-aging, exfoliating facial duo. This mask is highlighted by goji berries which are high in vitamin C and B3 and oxygenate the skin. This mask has a creamy yogurt base with cucumber seed oil which is rich in omegas 6, 9, and Vitamin E and softens the skin and reduces inflammation.

Ocean Mist Facial Immerse your skin in this aquatic blend and experience a calming and soothing escape. The striking Blue Aqua Enzyme contains mandelic acid and jojoba esters to gently exfoliate, promote barrier recovery and increase skin firmness and elasticity. MariMoist, often referred to as the “aloe of the ocean”, provides water balance, hydration, and soothing. The enzyme is emphasized by AzeloglicinaÒ , which illuminates the skin, and Wakame, which beautifully supports skin regeneration. Seaweed Mask is bursting with lipids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Highlighted by wakame extract, a vitalizing blend that supports the regeneration of skin cells and defends against environmental stressors. Calm and soothe skin with a tide of chamomile, comfrey leaf extract, and allantoin.