Pro-Aging with Passionfruit & Peptides

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The pro-aging movement has arrived, and with it is a renewed celebration of life, embracing age as a beautiful rite of passage. This positive mindset focuses on the now, rather than an obsession over what once was. This doesn’t mean we abandon “anti-aging” treatments, but rather we should guide our clients in finding the treatments that make them feel good and promote skin health. 
Tina Buckley, Aesthetician, Lead Educator, and Product Development Specialist for Skin Script Skin Care, guides you on the power of peptides and a protocol featuring our Passionfruit Enzyme. 
Skin Script Passionfruit Enzyme increases blood circulation and firms the skin. As a natural enzyme, its antioxidant elements give the skin a healthy glow. This enzyme contains Kollaren peptide, which increases resiliency and elasticity in the skin. Peptides direct our skin cells to act. They make skincare more “functional” and help ingredients perform. Originally researched in regard to wound healing, studies showed peptides were instrumental in increasing collagen production. If the skin is damaged for any reason, structural proteins are broken down and peptides are released. This process aids in reducing the signs of aging. 
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