Skin Games Finalist Danesha Anderson / Upower Studio

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Skin Script Pro Danesha graduated from Elaine Sterling Institute in Atlanta,Ga. A few months later completed Georgia’s state board test for esthetics and became a Licensed Esthetician. Determined to see her goals flourish, 6 months later Danesha took the leap and invested in a spa suite to call Upower’s home. The vision was coming to life! When creating Upower Studio, Danesha knew the bigger goal was for Upower to be the difference in the beauty industry. An industry that can be so beautiful but at the same time so cutthroat and harsh. Some establishments can take from their clients, Upower Studio is here to be the change!

For Danesha, participating in the Skin Games is an honor and testament to her commitment to client care. This competition has brought forth a newfound expertise in the treatment room. She faced the challenges of hormonal acne triggered by pre-puberty and medication use. Initially disheartened by the lack of visible improvements during the treatment, Danesha persevered, and by the end of the 8 weeks, positive changes became apparent. Her client expressed experiencing a remarkable transformation in her skin, feeling more self-assured and no longer compelled to conceal behind makeup. The true success lay in her newfound confidence.

Skin Games takes place March 14-17th in Atlanta. Join us in uplifting and supporting Danesha at this event and beyond.

With values that circle around empowering every client both inwardly and out, Danesha and Upower have a trajectory of positive impact and success. Danesha is proud to say that this is only the beginning!

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