The Mystery of Milia

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Curious about those crystalized white balls under the surface of the skin that just won’t extract? They’re milia. Once you learn what milia is and realize it’s not acne, you may start to recognize it on yourself as well as your clients.

You might poke and prod to get those little, hard, white balls to extract, but they won’t budge. If you work in a state where lancets are allowed, you theoretically could break the skin and carefully work them out. However, if there are dozens of them, that’s quite a feat to attempt to remove so many in a normally scheduled facial. Generally, you’ll see milia near the eyes, on the eyelids, and around the periorbital bone; however, you can see them all over the face.

Let’s get to the root cause of milia with our founder, Lisa VanBockern.

What is happening under the surface

How milia forms and how to safely prevent it.