October 2023/ Ravin Nailon Nash with KRAVIN AESTHETICS

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Ravin Nailon Nash, owner of Kravin Aesthetics, located in Steger, IL. I’m a Licensed Aesthetician, Licensed Aesthetics Instructor, Skin Script Education Ambassador, Procell Therapies Education Ambassador and Rep. and Cidesco Candidate.

Growing up, I never would have imagined myself being a facet of the beauty industry. I wasn’t like most girls. I enjoyed highly competitive sports. I didn’t mind getting my hands dirty if I was being challenged. I outran most of the boys in school. Looking pretty wasn’t a focus for me. I was just different. I lived my life competitively in sports well past my high school years and went through many changes to my skin. The sun exposure, sweat, dirt, environmental elements, contact with others playing sports, all contributed to my skin changes.

My formal background is in early childhood education. I love to teach. I get this sense of fulfillment when being able to be a facilitator to the youths’ educational upbringing. I look back and think, “Wow, I was a part of who this child is today.” During my time as an educator, I always felt like something was still missing. I finally realized a recurring pattern of a lifestyle that hadn’t been taught in formal school, skincare.

I received my calling for the beauty industry back in 2015. At the time I was 25 and a single mother to a five-year-old girl who enjoyed sports as well, but she was always concerned about her appearance to others. I would research different ingredients of skincare products that would be safe enough for my daughter at her age that would jump-start a healthy, long-lasting skincare regimen. My daughter opened my eyes to the fact that I’d be the one to educate her on taking care of her “whole self”, which led me to the industry.

Around that time, I enrolled in a beauty school, however, I was trying to juggle too much at once as a single mother and it just wasn’t the right time for me at that stage in my life, but I was still hungry to be a part of the industry. Soon after, I was accepted as a Financial Aid Advisor and Admissions Leader for Paul Mitchell Schools. My day-to-day job was helping others fulfill their dreams in this industry, all the while I was putting mine on hold. It was hard for me to balance my feelings of being a part of the industry, without really being a part of the industry at the same time.

Little by little I started to regain the motivation to fulfill my dreams as an Esthetician. I always received compliments about my eyebrows, and I enjoyed waxing, so I did some more research and stumbled upon a new trend called microblading and microshading. I wasted no time in investing in becoming a certified brow technician and began my journey as a small business owner of Brow Babez Beauty Bar. I gained a little taste of the industry, but I yearned for more. I finally said enough is enough and took the risk of resigning from my position and enrolling into another aesthetics program, not even thinking about how I would be able to sustain my household without an income.

Upon graduating and becoming a Licensed Aesthetician, Kravin Aesthetics was curated. With the ever-changing needs and regulations of skincare, I take initiative in furthering my education. While furthering my education, I was sought out by Skin Script, a well-known skincare company, to be a part of their Education Ambassador’s program, teaching across the Chicagoland area. Just a little over 2 years after becoming a Licensed Aesthetician, I gained my Instructor’s License.

As a Licensed Skincare Therapist & Educator – the hustle doesn’t stop there! I provide a top-notch customer experience, exceeding client expectations, being an educated mentor to the future professionals in this industry, as well as delivering you with the ultimate skincare therapy.

Favorite products:

  • Cucumber Hydration Toner: Keeps the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated throughout the day.
  • Retinol 2% scrub: Gives the skin a reset with a double action chemical & physical exfoliation.
  • Ageless Hydrating Serum: Helps to lock in moisture the skin may have lost.
  • Golden Honey Mask: Draws moisture to the skin’s barrier while providing accelerated healing benefits to the skin.

How Skin Script has helped grow biz:

Being a small business, it is essential to keep everything cost-effective to sustain. Skin Script’s affordable pricing has allowed me to price point my services so that I’m able to provide quality treatments at a low overhead cost.

The company has continuously acknowledged me and my business in such a way that keeps me empowered and motivated to strive for more.

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